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reactable buttons invisible on android

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it seems to run on my Android 4.1.1 tablet but for some reason, the reactable buttons on the bottom disappear (almost) under the android system button bar - I don't see a way to hide the android buttons, so is there a way to make reactable a bit smaller so that the reactable buttons become fully visible?

here is a screenshot: http://www.veloopity.de/temp/reactable_androidtablet.JPG

asked Apr 8, 2013 in Mobile Android by anonymous

1 Answer

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Hi Michael

the area on the bottom area (Dock) is meant to automatically hide when not touched, this in order to leave more free space for interacting with the table. On the other hand, in an upcoming version we are going to offer the option of having the dock on the other edges of the screen.

This should especially be useful on Android where it's not possible to disable the bottom status bar / soft-buttons.

best regards
answered Apr 8, 2013 by bdk (720 points)