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Clear the slate or delete objects - how?

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What really surprises me is that basic operations seem to be curiously difficult and not mentioned anywhere.


  1. what really surpises me is that there is no videos of explaining what you might do in the first 5 minutes of making a new file, adding changes etc.. The introduction file is amazing: it just defines what the app is. Seems like no one in this company ever did any user testing.
  2. if you load up a demo, how to delete one or many/all the objects
  3. what makes things play: there is a play button and pressing the stop doesn't make it stop and when it is silent, pressing play doesn't change that. 
  4. The concept of making a new file or saving or renaming is not mentioned - is this even relevant?
  5. The basic tutorial in the app explains how to adjust the controls of the various objects, but there is nothing on basic controlling the desktop or arena of these things

This should be really simple and it has been made really confusing and the lack of quality documentation is unfortunate.




asked Apr 3, 2013 in Mobile General by elasticmedia (120 points)
recategorized Apr 4, 2013 by Admin

1 Answer

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Thank you for your feedback.

- To make a new file go to the Library tab and select "Start with new table".

- There is no way to delete objects, you have a standard set of objects to work with, just like the real Reactable

- Did you try to take a look at the manual (Settings Tab - Online Manual) ?


answered Apr 4, 2013 by reactable (1,940 points)
The new table in the library was an easy solution. Reactable should be asking itself why it never even bothered to mention this in the help file.

What I would be watching in the help files are videos of people using the app and talking over it explaining their process and why they use this module or that module. Often I drag something onto the the field, only to find out that it makes no sound. Adjust the controls has no effect. Of course the only way to remove an object is to drag it out of the circle: I would think there would be a way to delete it rather than have it clutter things up that way.