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How to upload new sample for Reactable mobile on Android ?

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I would like to add my own samples to Reactable mobile on Android, how is this done ?
asked Feb 11, 2013 in Mobile Android by anonymous
recategorized Apr 4, 2013 by Admin

1 Answer

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In order to add your own Samples on the Android platform you have to do the following: 

  • Connect your device to the computer
  • look for the folder <sdcard>/com.reactable/Samples
  • Copy your samples into that folder
  • The Samples will appear in the Reactable mobile Application
  • Supported formats are "wav" and "ogg"
answered Feb 11, 2013 by reactable (1,940 points)
Can the samples folder be mapped/changed to an external sd card?
Note: The samples will be 44.1 Khz at 16 bits or below! And the table image wil be on PNG format...

Cheers from Mexico City!

Víctor Sánchez