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Sub Oscillators

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reactabe is a fantastic app. i have couple of questions and a feature request.

1. in the manual it says that there are 4 sub oscillators but i can only see 2. is this how it is in the android version?

2. the ability to import wav files (multi samples if possible)to play pad sounds, piano samples etc like a sampler would greatly expand the application, rather than sf2 files. can this be considered as a feature request because it would greatly expand the possibilities of the app, which is groundbreaking in its interface and approach, but limited in sonic capabilty. including some basic multi samples to give people a start i.e piano samples would be great.
asked Feb 17 in Mobile Android by plutonia (140 points)

1 Answer

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1.) This is something we overlooked in the manual. Yes, there are only 2 sub oscillators on the Reactable Mobile for the time being.

2.)  The Sampleplay object has a new subtype that allows to build your own instrument by importing wav files. 




answered Feb 18 by reactable (1,940 points)
ok. will give that a go. thanks for getting back to me. i bought reactable on amazon and wondering if it's the complete version because notice it cost less than on play store.??

with tablets getting faster processors, do you have plans to allow the use of more objects ?

Right, the Amazon version lags behind that is why you do not have the new Sampleplay atm.
We are going to submit an update real soon now.
We are planning to add more objects .. keep an eye on our announcements.