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no instruments after update

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I cant see anything on the instruments and samples browser after the update. The saved tables are working but can't add or change the instruments because I don't see anything in the browser.
asked Jan 30 in Mobile Android by anonymous

2 Answers

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try the following: find the folder called com.reactable, it should be located inside your Android's "external" SDCard (often it's physically internal).

Once you have located the folder, enter in it and check the contents of the Soundfonts and Instruments folders.

You should have the files located as follows:

  • Instruments: contains all .rin files
  • Soundfonts: contains the default.sf2 file

It might be the case that your "instruments" (the files ending in .rin) are in the wrong folder (this is due to an oversight in a previous release of the application). 
If this is the case, move the files inside the appropriate folder.

Let us know if this solves your issue.

answered Jan 30 by bdk (720 points)
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Can you comment if you are running the latest version of the software and if you recently updated your software?

Also when you mention the instruments are you are referring to which specific objects? There are two that use browsers: Loops and Sampleplays. Do you have problems in all of them or just in one?

Any further information you can give us will greatly help our team to resolve your issue in the quickest time possible.



answered Jan 30 by Andrés (5,070 points)