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How can I get rid of mic input latency?

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Whether I use the built in iPad 4 mic or my Snowball USB mic via the Apple camera connection kit I get way to much latency to consider live use (must be at least 500 ms). I tested both mics on a completely dry signal, too. No filters, wave shapers, etc. and no other apps running.

Just for the record, I get extremely low latency in pretty much every other audio app I've used with mic input. Please help.

Running iOS 7, up to date.
asked Jan 14 in Mobile iOS by anonymous

1 Answer

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We've never seen latencies that big in any ipad. I'll test it and let you know. Specially with newer iPads this shouldn't happen.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

answered Jan 14 by Andrés (5,030 points)