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Matching multiple BPM values with tempo object

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When I upload loops with different tempos and try to match with loops already on the table, I am running into issues. With a couple of cubes loaded with loops at a single tempo (e.g 135 BPM), I put the tempo object on the table and can set BPMs globally, as expected. However, if I upload more loops to the table with different tempos (e.g. 120 and 90 BPM), I cannot match them all to 135 BPM.

I have tried uploading loops one at a time then using the tempo object to match the BPM (e.g. 120 to 135) one at a time, then removing the cube, or the tempo object, or both. I have also tried the same with more than one cube, using the tempo object to match BPMs (e.g. 90 to 120) before adding cubes with 135 BPM loops, and many other variations of all these steps, without getting the result I expected.

If multiple tempo matching is not an issue, can you provide detailed instructions for tempo object operation, steps for matching multiple tempos to one BPM value, etc.?

Thank you.
asked Dec 31, 2013 in Mobile iOS by anonymous

1 Answer

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The calculation of beats in a sample takes place when assigning a soundfile to a loop (selecting the loop in the browser).

These steps should lead to a correct result:

1) Change the global bpm to the bpm of the loop

2) Load the sample by selecting the soundfile

If you have several soundfiles with different bpms you have to do that for every soundfile.

I am not sure if you tried the above solution in your tests, please keep in mind that the important thing happens when you select the soundfile in the browser, because the software calulates the number of beats based on the current bpm and the length of the selected soundfile.

answered Jan 2 by reactable (1,940 points)