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but how do I upload a performance versus a table?

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I do not see any menu options for sharing a performance, only tables. I recorded the track while the performance was playing which allows me to upload the audio to soundcloud; however, I do not understand how to share a saved reactable performance to my profile. I have no problem uploading a table preset with devices and no sound to the community and somehow it is labeled as a "performance" in my library, but I do not understand how to upload a saved performance. Recordings only relate to sharing on soundcloud, so I am confused.

Sorry if my comprehension implies I am no expert at this.
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asked Dec 20, 2013 in Mobile Android by anonymous

1 Answer

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Good morning:

In the case of the performances you just need to record a performance, either from the record button in the dock of the table view, or the Record Performance button in the current table view. If you record a performance it is included in the table, so that when you share it, the performance is uploaded automatically.

Audio recordings are different, since they are uploaded to soundcloud. If you upload a table and then upload a soundcloud recording it will be linked to that table, also automatically.

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answered Dec 29, 2013 by Andrés (5,030 points)