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What is the new sampler format in 1.5 and how do I use it?

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In the newsletter, you advertised a new sampler format in 1.5 but I'm still only seeing .SF2. I noticed all the other changes like the on-screen keyboard and the new sequencer but I don't know how to use .WAVs or REX or whatever the new format you are using. Also, in future editions it would be nice if it could import Kontakt nki files or some other similar WAV based multisample because I use them often. Maybe there are licensing issues with that I would imagine, but perhaps Reactable could develop it's own Multisample format and a companion editor to go with it.



Justin Ward
asked Aug 28, 2013 in Reactable Live! by anonymous

1 Answer

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Hello Justin:

If you go into the Sampleplay Objects' menu you should see the two existing modes (the drum and the piano icons that use sf2) and a new icon that shows a sample. this is where you select the new sampler format. We're preparing a series of video tutorials but the basic notion is:

- Rotate the object to the desired base note where your sample will be set.

- Select the sample from the finder panel.

- Repeat for as many samples as you want.

Keep in mind that the samples will play once, and will not loop. Reactable will automatically pitch shift the samples between the two adjacent base notes. This will be more obvious in the video tutorials. Stay tuned in the community page.



answered Aug 28, 2013 by Andrés (5,030 points)
Thanks. I think I got it figured out now. But do you plan on adding some kind of companion program in the future? The current sampler seems fine for building drum kits and one-shot FX and maybe bass sounds or anything with a fast attack and a quick release or no sustain, but usually when working with a multisampler like Kontakt or Sampletank you have the option of editing the individual waves so that the tail end of the sample can loop and sustain indefinitely so you can create long pads and strings. Also I think it would be helpful if there were some way to edit the loops by defining where the transient points are a la Reactable's warping feature, which would enable better and more accurate time-stretching. A lot of times when the looper objects are set to keep the pitch locked, the loops go out of sync when changing the tempo. It's only mildly irritating but it can make performances sloppy. Just my two cents.
Hello Justin:

Thank you for your feedback and your interest in the new sampler format. This is the first version where we have made this available, we have more to come in the near future, the goal always being making things more powerful and expressive, while keeping it simple. I will look at the problem with the looper object; feedback like this is greatly appreciated.