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Mic input is disabled incorrectly

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Android 4.1.1 running on GoClever tab R974.

When I drop the Mic input object on the table I  get a message saying that to prevent feedback the input will not be enabled because no headphones are plugged in. In fact I do have headphones plugged in - Reactable is not detecting the headphones

Maybe the headphones can't be detected on this (cheap) tablet? In which case it must be possible to manually enable the input. This is urgent as it is impossible to use an external input with Reactable at the moment! I want to be able to use input from an electric violin and was planning to use this for live performance soon.



asked Jul 13, 2013 in Mobile Android by anonymous

1 Answer

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Hi Martin

yes, also in the past we detected this problem with some not-so-mainstream tablets (e.g. bq DaVinci).

in a few hours (or even now) you should be able to find on Google Play a new version (2.1.3).

In that version we removed audio feedback check (and also fixed a bug that caused user UI settings not to be saved).


We hope you'll be able to use the software for your live performance!


best regards
answered Jul 24, 2013 by bdk (720 points)
No input - any ideas