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With his latest album, 'Paranoia', Oliver Huntemann reminds us once again why he is considered one of the top Techno producers in the world.

In the fore front of electronic music, Huntemann time and time again amazes us with his ability to produce incredibly stunning techno. Over the years his talent hasn't gone unnoticed, fact that has been made evident remixing for the likes of Underworld, the Chemical Brothers and Depeche Mode.

Through out his career, Oliver's sound has consistently evolved, bringing us intricate and rich productions like:

H-3 (May 2009 – Ideal Audio)

Fieber (March 2006 – Confused Recordings/Gigolo Records)

Too Many Presents For One Girl (2004 – Confused Recordings)

Now we present, his latest release: Reactable Oliver Huntemann.

With top of the charts songs like Rikarda, Delirium, In Times of Trouble and more from his hit album 'Paranoia'.

This app, with its new Interactive layer, that, among other things lets you remix in real time Oliver Huntemann's performance is poised to be the best way to experience his Music, other than seeing him perform live!.