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OCTOBER 02, 2013

Back from summer holidays we dived directly into a deep blue reactable pool of work. Out we came with a major update for Reactable mobile, quite a catch!
We are always looking to improve Reactable to make it more useful, more professional and more fun. The new features will improve your experience and will give you even more room for creativity. 

With the COMPLETELY REDESIGNED SEQUENCER OBJECT you can create more complex musical ideas. The octaves are now available from one to five. The sequencers can span into multiple bars and the length of each note inside your sequences can be changed. 
The new user interface allows you to scroll or jump directly to a specific location and with the piano roll you can visualize the current sequence.

The NEW POLYPHONIC SAMPLER FORMAT inside the Sampleplay objects enables you to create new instruments and sound banks using your own samples. Simply assign each sample to its corresponding note and play them as usual, the intermediate steps get pitch shifted to their corresponding notes. Each sampler has a polyphonic envelope control that allows you to modify the way these samples get played. 
You can also save the sound bank and reuse it in your future tables, or simply increase your musical palette by downloading tables from Reactable Community. 

The added VIRTUAL KEYBOARD SUBPANELS allows you to instantly trigger notes. Use it in combination with the Sampleplay objects to perform live or with the sequencer to compose musical phrases on the fly.

With the new BLUETOOTH HEADPHONE SETTINGS you can now connect your paired bluetooth headphone with reactable mobile.

Check out our new SEQUENCER AND SAMPLEPLAY video tutorial:

Enjoy the new possibilities!

Link to Reactable mobile