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JUNE 27, 2013

Reactable Experience - interactive music exhibition for museums

The Reactable Experience, a version of Reactable created for public installations, has engaged and inspired countless visitors of museums and exhibitions around the world. It has received several awards, but most important, the response  we’ve had has been simply incredible. Because of these cheers, we have decided to take things a step further and create a new version.

For this new version we re-explored the basic concepts that are true to any Reactable instrument,  it should challenge the way we interact with and think of music, it should involve sight, sound and touch, and over all, it should inspire and spark creativity.  

We also wanted something that would complement our interface yet stand out on its own, so special attention was paid to the design, and we think we got it right.  

So today we proudly introduce a brand new adaptation, a major redesign, that we hope will continue to grab the attention and entertain anyone who uses it.  

Presenting the New Reactable Experience.