Wave Shaper

Effects and Filters

The Wave Shaper object is a collection of effects which change the dynamics of the incoming sound.

Main Parameter

The main parameter of each effect is controlled through rotation of the object and depends on the typ of effect.


The balance between the modified sound "wet" and the original input "dry" can be controlled with the slider on the right side of the object. When set to the minimum value the audio passes through the object unmodified.



The resampler effect adds digital distortion to the incoming sound by changing its samplerate. The rate is controlled by rotating the object, the further to the right the more distortion can be heard.


The compressor effect compresses the incoming sound. The level of compression can be controlled by rotating the object.


The distortion effect adds classical distortion to the incoming sound. The amount of distortion is controlled by the rotation.


2D Control

Lets you control the main parameter "X" and the dry/wet amount "Y" in two dimensions. More info


Controls the Attack time, Decay time, Sustain level and Release time of the dry/wet parameter. More info

LFO Input

The LFO controllers change the values of the main parameter of the effect.

Sequencer Input

A note from the sequencer triggers the envelope of the effect. The note values sent from the sequencer control the main parameter of the effect.