Effects and Filters

The Modulator is a container for various effects which use some kind of modulation on the incoming sound. The different effects are ringmodulation, a chorus and a flanging effect.

Main Parameter

The main parameter of the effect is changed by rotating it. The parameter depends on the type of objects, for the ringmodulator it is modulation pitch, for the chorus it is depth and for the flanger it is the flanging frequency.


The balance between the modified sound "wet" and the original input "dry" can be controlled with the slider on the right side of the object. When set to the minimum value the audio passes through the object unmodified.



The speed of the flanging effect can be changed through rotation of the object. The additional settings panel makes it possible to change depth, minimum delay and feedback amount.


By rotating the object the depth of the chorus effect is changed. The additional settings panel lets you adjust the rate of the pitch modulation.

Ring Modulator

The pitch of the ring modulation effect is controlled by rotating the object.


2D Control

Lets you control the main parameter "X" and the dry/wet amount "Y" in two dimensions. More info


Controls the Attack time, Decay time, Sustain level and Release time of the dry/wet value. The envelope is triggered when receives a note from a sequencer. More info


Additional parameters: The additional parameter depend of the type of effect selected.