Effects and Filters

The Filter object filters the audio coming from another object. Various types of filters are accessible.


The rotation changes the filter cutoff frequency in case of a lowpass of highpass filter. In case of a bandbass it controls the center frequency.


The finger controls the filter quality or resonance value.


High-Pass Filter

The high-pass filter lets you attenuate frequencies lower than the filter's cutoff frequency.

Band-Pass Filter

The band-pass filter passes frequencies around the center frequency. The range is defined by the resonance value.

Low-Pass Filter

The low-pass filter lets you attenuate frequencies higher than the filter's cutoff frequency.


2D Control

Lets you control the filter frequency "X" and resonance "Y" in two dimensions and shows the filter envelope. More info


Controls the Attack time, Decay time, Sustain level and Release time of the filter frequency. The envelope is triggered when receives a note from a sequencer. More info